Great Logbooks so you'll never forget!

Keeping a record of your catches is a way of reliving your past success and good days on the bank or in the boat. A few simple notes can vividly bring back that special memory of an outstanding catch when you landed that fish of your dreams.

Our Logbooks are of a size to be kept with you when you go fishing so that you can immediately update them when you catch a fish and they are there to act as a reference guide for past successes when you return to a venue.

Why Should I keep a Logbook or Journal?

Keeping a Fishing Journal or Logbook is easy and allows you to keep an accurate record of your catches and the conditions and tackle you used to be successful. Most of the logbooks also have an area to record details of the swim or peg you were using so if you return to that area, you will know where you were successful last time.

What's new from Your Logbook/Logbooks 4U?

Following demand for a larger version of our popular A6 Fishing Logbooks, we have released an A5 version of the Carp/Coarse Fishing Logbook and an A5 version of the Fly/Game Fishing Logbook, which ares double the physical size of our A6 logbooks and allows for more sessions and more fish per session. They also includes our famous Solunar Calendar inside the back cover.

New logbooks are planned for the near future, just checkout our Other Logbooks page to see what is in the pipeline.

Our fishing calendar has been changing over the past couple of years and now includes details of the Major Periods of Activity associated with the Solunar Calendar (moon phases) - Take a look as it could dramatically change your catch rate!

Why Should I have a Logbooks 4U Logbook or Journal?

Logbooks 4U logbooks and journals are written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and contain all the information you need to ensure you have a record of your goals and achievements.

Never again strain to remember how you caught that personal best or what method worked for the particular venue, your logbook will be your permanent record of your best days and events.


Where can I buy a Logbooks 4U Fishing Logbook?

Logbooks 4U Logbooks and Journals are sold through our account on eBay, just click on this link to see them all.

Buy your Logbooks 4U Logbook through eBay - Just click this link.