Carp & Coarse Fishing Logbooks

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Our range of Carp and Coarse fishing logbooks are designed by anglers for anglers and give you all the space necessary to keep records of your sessions without taking up to much space in your tackle bag.

Carp/Coarse Fishing Logbook

Logbooks 4U Carp/Coarse Fishing Log Front Cover

Our original logbook which was designed and published to fulfil a need in the market for a fishing logbook or journal to keep track of catches and the swims fished.

The size (A6) was carefully chosen to fit in the same bag as your permit and limited to 50 sessions to cut down on bulk and weight. Both the front and back covers are laminated to protect them from the elements, a necessity when fishing in Britain!

This fishing logbook is aimed at the Coarse and Carp angler and gives space for 50 fishing trips with room to record up to 16 fish per session using up to 4 rods.

As much or as little information can be recorded for every session that you want, just record what you caught or go the whole hog and draw a picture of your successful marks, the wind speed and direction, moon phase, temperature, Etc.. It is up to you.


Specialist/Carp Fishing Logbook

Logbooks 4U Carp/Coarse Fishing Log Front Cover

Specialist Anglers need to keep the most accurate records of all. Not only is the capture important, but everything about the method, bait, swim, position and weather need to be recorded to ensure consistent capture of those bigger than usual specimens.

The Logbooks 4U Specialist Fishing Logbook landscape format gives more room to record additional details about your sessions and captures, including the water temperature when the fish was caught.

Our unique temperature chart allows you to keep track of the water temperature throughout you session, helping you target the best time/temperature profile to maximise your change of getting into those bigger fish.


Match Fishing Logbook

Logbooks 4U Carp/Coarse Fishing Log Front Cover

Our Match Fishing Logbook is written for the Match Angler and is aimed at helping getting you in the money.

Keeping track of where you fished in the past and, perhaps more importantly, who and where were the successful pegs for each section winner, increases your chances of winning both your section and the match.

The Logbooks 4U Match Fishing Logbook gives you space to record all the details about the match winners and placement as well as details about your own weights and tactics.

The half page for preparation also gives you a reminder of what you need to get ready for the next match and make sure you are properly prepared to ensure you are the champion of your section.

Don't wait!, get one of our Match Fishing logbooks and start moving up the results tables.


A5 Carp & Coarse Fishing Logbook

Logbooks 4U Carp/Coarse Fishing Log Front Cover

Who said size isn't everything! User feedback on our popular A6 logbook showed a demand for a larger logbook that could be used both on the bank and at home to record details of your sessions.

The A5 logbook is twice the size of our popular A6 Carp and Coarse Logbook and, as well as having more space to add details, holds more sessions and more fish per sessions.

For those anglers with fading sight (it happens to us all eventually), the A5 logbooks larger text and layout makes it easier to use both on the bank and at home.

The A5 Carp and Coarse Logbook also has a Solunar Calendar inside the back cover, helping you make the right decisions on when to go fishing and the tactics to use to ensure success on the bank.


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