Logbooks - What's coming soon...

Our inventory of logbooks is always expanding and we are pleased to showcase our next generation of logbooks:

Logbooks4U Predator and Lure Fishing Logbook

Pike Fishing Logbook

Written by predator anglers for predator anglers, our Pike Fishing Logbook is aimed at the pike angler giving details of the venue and conditions and the successful techniques and bait used as well as what you caught.

A must have for predator anglers and a necessity to ensure consistent catches.

Coming Soon - Due for Release soon....

Boat Fishing Logbook

If you are all at sea this logbook is all that you need to keep you on an even keel. Keep a record of the boat and skipper, successful marks, best bait and tide, as well as what you caught.

Coming soon......

Beach/Shore Fishing Logbook

On the beach?, our Shore Fishing Logbook will help keep your head above water. Shore fishing is all about being on the right mark at the right time and our Beach/Shore fishing Logbook helps you keep a history of those successful marks as well as everything you caught.

Coming soon......

New Ideas for Logbooks

We are always on the lookout for new subjects for logbooks and we always provide a free logbook to anyone who helps us come up with a new idea or an improvement on any of our existing logbooks.

All you have to do is email us with your suggestion for a new logbook, or an improvement to one of our existing logbooks, and work with us to complete the new book (usually by email) and we will send you a FREE copy of the new logbook when we first publish it.

Just email us at: info@yourlogbook.co.uk with your great ideas for our logbooks.