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Match Fishing Logbooks

This great Match Fishing Log lets you keep a record of every match you enter, complete with details of the Venue, conditions, peg and winning techniques.

The log also has a section to let you keep a record of the winning weights and sections as well as giving you a section to help you prepare for the match.

The records you keep will help you maximise your chances of winning matches and improve your chances of getting in the money.

The Fishing Log is Wiro Spiral Bound for easier entry of your catch while you are fishing and the front and rear covers are water resistant to make sure your fishing records are kept safe.

The Fishing Log is an A6 (105x146mm - 4.13x5.75in) booklet, designed to fit neatly in to your tackle bag and has a full colour front cover with room for 50 pages of fishing trips.



What you can record in your Match Fishing Log:

  1. Venue, Swim & Team Details for up to 50 Matches
  2. Start Date & Time of each Match
  3. Spaces for Air & Water Temperature (If you like to be technical)
  4. Spaces for Weather & Barometer readings
  5. Keep Notes of your Matches and how you Fished
  6. Section to Record Preparation and Bait Required.
  7. Your details page (It may come home if you loose it:-)

You can record the Top Angler/Section Weights for each Match:

  • Angler/Peg
  • Species/Method
  • Weight
  • Points

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