Logbook 4 U Solunar Calendar from the A5 Carp/Coarse Fishing Logbook

The Prized Logbooks 4U Solunar Calendar

Anglers and hunters around the world have for years noted that fish and animal activity increased during the days either side of a full moon, whether this is caused by the the increased light levels or the pull of the moon on the earths waters, the effect is generally positive.

In the nineteen twenties, John Alden Knight, noted that the combined force of the sun and moon (solunar activity) had a marked effect on fish and game. He named the times when the moon was directly overhead and directly underfoot (on the opposite side of the earth) as the Major Activity Periods and the period midway between each Major Activity Period was called a Minor Activity Period.

Modern hunters and anglers use Solunar Calendars to plan their fishing and hunting trips to ensure they coincide with the Major Activity Periods to give themselves the best chance of a successful trip.

The Logbooks 4U Solunar Calendar shows the moon phases and highlights the Major Activity Periods to help you plan your trips and fish at the best times to give you the greatest chance of catching.

Those of us who have to fish when we can and not during a Major Activity Period, can still benefit from the calendar as you can plan your trip based on the predicted activity of the fish. If you are in a Minor Activity Period be careful with your free offerings and set small traps rather than a full banquet for your chosen species.

Of course, the Logbooks 4U Solunar Calendar is not guaranteed to get you fish as everything from the weather conditions to the number of anglers on the venue will influence your catch, but it will give you an edge and could help you improve your catches.

How can I get a Logbooks 4U Solunar Calender

Our A5 Carp/Coarse Fishing Logbook includes an A5 Solunar Calendar inside the back cover.

Many of our auctions for our A6 Fishing Logbooks include a free waterproof A6 copy our solunar calendar or why not just ask us to give you a free calendar when you place an order for one of our logbooks.

The Logbooks 4U Solunar Calendar will help you plan your fishing trips and shows the dates for the major phases of the moon and the best times to fish to help you improve your catch rate.